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Send EID Gifts to Pakistan

If you are one of those Pakistanis who are currently living abroad, one of the most auspicious occasions that you will be missing is EID. This special occasion bring harmony and love between each other and people meet and greet with each other, passes gifts and share their happiness and love on this day that contain a significant importance from the culture and religious point of view.
Living abroad is not fun and this feels a lot when you miss your family on this important occasion. We feel the importance of this event and understand the need of having a service that allows you to join the important occasions with your family and let them know how much you love them.
Paki Gift Market as a trend setter plan a service that allow you to get closer to your family without spending lot of money on cargos and other related stuff that takes time and sometimes services are very poor.
Paki Gift Market allows you to book your favorite gift for your loved ones living her and leave the rest on us. We will do research and fill find the best products in town and according to the need and will deliver on the given date with care.


Sadia Mughal, Ohio USA.

I recently got this website recommendation from my doctor friend who frequently uses your services on Birthdays and other occasions. I hear lot of good vibes from my friends about your website and planning to book and send a gift to my younger brother on this EID.